Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Playing to Performers' Strengths

Sarah Delaney is Queen of the Blues. That's Paul on harmonica.

Over the years the show has evolved from a directed improv show to a more structured one. So, while most of the material is improvised, we have an overall structure or run-down for the show. And we also have structure to some of the musical numbers. This helps us tell a better story and present material that plays to the strengths of each performer. For instance, our cast member, Paul Erskine, is amazing at singing improvised rock operas. He's also a gifted physical comic. So, we're creating a piece for him in the show that uses these skills. We're doing the same thing for Scott Keck, who is brilliant verbally, and Laura Derry who has a really beautiful voice and spunky energy on stage. We're still casting for one more female lead. It's been hard to find the right person. I need a gal who is a great improvisor and also has a great voice--a true soprano would be awesome.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Scott Keck said...

Hey, Scott Keck here - I'm in the cast again this year. I think that makes 5 years for me. We've had our first rehearsal, which was very cool, as we were working on some songs. They were roughed in, but only the lyrics, with spots left open for improvizing new stuff at each show. We had to work with David Norfleet, our amazing musician, to come up with the music and the tune - and to no one's surprise, even some of the already-written lyrics changed during the course of the rehearsal - so you could say these songs were improvised after all! It was a really strong demonstration of how an improv ensemble works collaboratively all the time to create new work. I'm looking forward to the process of developing this new incarnation of HWFM!


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