Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Survey Results: Attraction is (fill-in the blank)

On April 20, 2006 we did an email survey of our audience on their beliefs about Attraction.

Here's what the poll revealed:

When it comes to attraction...
A. Opposites attract. 31%
B. Like attracts like. 11%
C. It's a complete mystery to me! 8%
D. _____ (Fill-in the blank) 50%


"Attraction is the closest thing to real magic that I've ever seen." - JC

"It's a total crap shoot." - ET

"I'm counting on the idea that opposites attract, or else I'm in trouble." -TC

"Personality makes all the difference in finding your mate." - WC

"Fundamental likes and quirky opposites attract and keep the relationship going." - NS

"I think you have to have some things in common but you have to be different enough to challenge each and bring out the best in one another." - KC

"Chemistry." - JD

"Really good manners, it sounds stupid and weird, but when a man says "bless you" when I sneeze, it's really sexy to me because it's so rare." - JS

"I think it is all about boddy language such as a smile, twinkle in the eye, a soft touch on the shoulder, tone of voice, etc. That is what attracted me to my wife." - CR

"Both parties have a specific need met by the other. For instance, a maternal type would be attracted to someone who wants to be taken care of. It's also on a subconscious biological level. By scent, the female identifies a mate show genes are compatible with hers." - TB

"Opposites attract like a magnet 'til they repel to a certain extent and then settle." - AD

"It's all in the eyes." - EM

"It's magnetic." -BS

"People who look like opposites on the surface are really the same inside."-EE

"Opposites do attract, and that's why love is so f*&%$#@% frustrating." - FR

"It's either there or it's not. Whatever it is." - RL

"It's that sparkle in the eye that tells us." -EL

"When it comes to attraction you have to trust your instincts." - LP


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