Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Justin & Holly - Friday, July 28, 2006

It was a case, literally, of falling head over heels when Justin met Holly at a college Frat party nine years ago in Kentucky. In his quest for immortal greatness, Justin had just broken the vodka drinking record by downing 13 shots (you see Kentucky is a dry state, and this is known as "pre-tuning" before a party).

He met Holly a bit later after falling on top of her on the dance floor. Her friends gave him the thumbs up, they danced, and then went outside to talk. Justin hung onto a, now famous, tree for stability and regailed her with tales of football victories and his ACT scores. Even in his inebriated state, Holly found him cute and they hit it off.

Justin revealed when he knew Holly was "The One." A tragic fire broke out at his dorm at 4am. After being rescued from his window, the first person he had to see was Holly. And covered from head to toe in black soot, he went straight over to her apartment. In the show, the actors portraying them (Sarah & Paul) re-enacted that touching scene at her doorstep.

Cast: Sarah Delaney, Jill Bourque (Host), Paul Erskine, Susie Sargent, Ken Robertson, and Scott Myers (Musician).


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